Security Solutions for Schools & Colleges

Security of students is the prime concern of parents and even school and college authorities these days. Especially in metro and A tier cities where crime has increased considerably so as everyone appears scared of thefts, robbery, kidnapping etc. However, the modern security solutions have given much relief to the administration of the schools.

Educational Institute and parents can now be relieved as latest security methods helps in detecting and controlling crime in and around school/college campus, hostels and even school buses. So, one should be aware of latest technologies which can be helpful in offering secure and safe environment to our young generation.

Coingeit Technologies’ product line Smart Secure Eye brings the advance technology security solutions for schools/colleges keeping in view the safety of students, teachers and guests. Secure School AHD/IP solution is available in cloud or dedicated model and works within the privacy guidelines.

Below are the product categories for school/hostel:


  • CAMERA: analog, analog HD,IP,wireless , PTZ ,hidden
  • Analog, hybrid, DVRs ,IP NVRs
  • Video door phones
  • Access controllers
  • Hostel control systems


  • Product warranty & support
  • SLA based services
  • Team of experts to support you 24 by 7

One thing that parents will be interested in is that they can locate as their child if his bus has reached destination or not on time by tracing the bus route as all the buses are GPS activated …and RFID READER.  By this parents can get “instant accurate student ridership”, “GPS & VIDEO INTEROGATION” , “ parents SMS alerts “.

We sincerely make a step towards enhanced protection for students, teachers, staff, and visitors as well as school buildings and facilities, leveraging state of art technology, policies and producers.


The s’ecurite(securities)…

When we think about securities the first thing that comes to our mind is CCTV. It is the most efficient and modern technique used by people now-a-days for the safety of their belongings and people.

Gone are the days when, CCTV was installed in offices only but these days the security solutions and systems have become the part of our daily life.  Not only at commercial buildings but residential buildings, traffic signals, highways, hospitals, schools also require security from the attackers, thefts, murders etc. The security systems installation has given peace of mind to many. With the help of CCTV installation one can enjoy a safe and sound life.

We at Coingeit Technologies understand the needs and requirements of the clients and offer security solution which is best with minimal cost. The company has an energetic team of experts and professionals who can research, enhance and make the solution look and perform the best.

We have range of wired & wireless IP cameras used for different purposes. The list of products we provide for the system securities include the below:

  • Night vision IR cameras
  • Dome security cameras
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Vandal resistant cameras
  • Clock cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Spy cameras
  • Mini security cameras
  • VDP

 All our products are high quality. We use user friendly menu driven software interfaces. It is first India based cloud interface for easy operation. The cameras comes in category of analog, analog HD, IP, wireless, PTZ , hidden , special analog , hybrid , DVRs, IP, NVRs, video door phones, access controllers, home control system etc…..

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